Wednesday, January 9, 2019

WHY iPhone are too expensive ?

Introduction                                                                             if you are using iPhones from many years then you will notice a Trend.In 2012 the brand new iPhone 5 start from 200 dollar,but today iPhone price is nearly 1000 what happen in last few years that makes iPhone 800 dollar more costly let's find. 
                                                                                             LET'S FIND


                     the apple maintain his standard of iPhone his does not see the is a big brand so it constantly pay money on research and development to make his iPhone and it's features see that in iPhone10 he introduced a new concept of face unlock, while other company copy this concept,they does not pay for research and development. 
          Customer care           
 You will notice that whenever you call the customer care for the other company they does not attend the call or their answer don't satisfy your questions.

  WHERE APPLE SPEND MONEY                         
the most parts of iPhone comes from other country, hence it affect the price of also pay lots of money on marketing and advertising.this cause last price of the iPhone more.                                                                                                                                                     QUALITY                                       
when you compared iPhone with other phones you will see that in every case the iPhone is maintain high quality  of his product hence it is more costly. In last you get quality product if you pay more.                         


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