Thursday, January 24, 2019

Time travel


Is time travel is possible, so the answer is yes, the great scientist Albert Einstein proved this mathematically. 

Their are two ways to time travel.

1: Albert Einstein said that if you travel at the speed of light in space then the time will stop for you and if you travel at the speed which is near speed of light then the time will pass slowly for you as compared to other. This is the way to travel in future in time

2: Albert Einstein also said that another way to time travel, if you stand near a very high high-density substance like black hole then the time will pass slowly for you. This is also way to  travel in future in time.

But it is possible to  travel in past in time, yes it is also possible you can travel in past in time using wormhole. So what is wormhole.

What is wormhole?

The wormhole

You know that nothing is flat or soft in our surrounding if you look closely, you will find holes and wrinkles in it. It is basic physical principle and it even apply to time.

It is easy to show in first 3 dimension but is also true about 4th dimension. There is tiny holes in the time which connect two different time and space. This holes are smaller even than atoms and this holes called wormhole. This are tiny tunnel through space and time, which continuously form and destroy.

We can use wormhole for travel in past in time and to cover long distance in space.

But the problem is that wormholes are to small to travel throutrying So it is not possible to travel through it. But scientist are trying to make it large.

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