Thursday, January 17, 2019


Artificial intelligence

So what is artificial intelligence, the intelligence demonstrated by machine is called the artificial intelligence.

In Today's days it is most demanding technology.In future most of work is done by this technology.

All big companies like Apple,Google and Microsoft are trying to develop artificial intelligence.

artificial intelligence take decision itself. Human are developin artificial intelligence to make hard things easier.

The AI are of two types
1:- weak AI
2:- strong AI

1: weak AI

So,what is weak AI , the AI which can do only one type of work perfectly is called  weak AI.

2: strong AI

So,wha is strong AI, the AI can do more than one type of work is called strong AI. 
This AI system works like a human being.

When you give him a unfamiliar work, it can do it without the help of you. The level of thing of strong AI is equal to human.

The example of use of artificial intelligence is a self - driving car. It use computer vision and many types of sensors to drive safe and unexpected obstructions.

Sofia the robot which have artificial intelligence

Sofia is the new Discovery in the field of artificial intelligence. It is a robot which have artificial intelligence.

Sofia was created by the Hanson robotics company.

Sofia can show all types of emotion on his face like human. She can read  face of other people

She change colour of her eyes according to light. She can also detect the place where she is present. She can walk and talk like a human.

Saudi Arabia give the citizen certificate to Sofia.

It is tell that in future more advanced robot is created then Sofia.

It is guessed that in future the robot which have artificial intelligence get smarter than human.

They fight with human and a big war is start between human and robot's. They try to destory human species from the earth.

In future the artificial intelligence do all the work of human and make human lazy , because of this human cause several types of diseases.

Conclusion: The artificial intelligence is good for us if we don't completely depends on it.

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