Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Future of medical science

According to a research the average lifespan of human is getting increasing , because of progress in medical science.

4 ways to increase lifespan

Infusing young blood to old            

In an experiment the blood of young mouse is continuously given to a old mouse, In result the old mouse get more healthy the previous , the brain, liver, heart get more healthy then previous and the old mouse live one month more than their average life. But this experiment is not done on the human now.

Nano technology

Some scientist tell that in few years super advanced microscopic nanobots get develop and work like blood cells in blood vessels of human but it works better than blood cells. this nanobots cure all types of diseases and repair damage cells. Using this technology human can increase their lifespan.

Keep on cloning

In today's date the medical science can transplant body organs but during transplantation some time body of the patient does not adopt the organ and the patient die. But if we made the organs using the stem cell of patient in laboratory then the patient will adopt the organ easily and if we continuously transplant the organ when we need then we can live longer.

Digital immortality

This method is science fiction in today's day but it is very easy way to make human immortal. The science is working on a such a method in which we can download or upload the data of the brain and store all the data in a device and upload this data in a robot from this the brain of the human can live in the robot and can experience the world by virtually after death. In this case they can see through the camera, talk through the speaker and hear thrithr the microphone.

Friend's what you think that we can make immortal or not through using science, tell me in the comment below.👇👇


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