Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Black hole

So what is a black hole? , the black hole is a highly dense substance which as the very strong gravitational force from which nothing can escape even light cannot escape from it. This concept of a black hole is introduced by the scientist John Michell.

How black hole is created?

A black hole is created when any big star gets old, means hydrogen gas of that star gets completely finished.

Stars are very big and their the gravitational force is also very strong. This force attracts the star in the center of the star but, in the center of the star hydrogen gas is present which continuously expand due to the heat of the star. This expansion of hydrogen gas creates a force which opposes the force of the gravitation. but a time comes when the hydrogen gas is completely finished and at that time there is no force which opposes the gravitational force. At that time If the size of the star is near the size of our sun then the star gets compress and convert into a neutron star. But if the size of the star is greater then our sun then the star start to compress continuously and the size of the star gets too small, all atoms of the star get to close and the gravitational force gets very high. Because of such high gravitational force, the star starts to attract everything near it now this star is called a black hole. 

The black hole eats everything around it and continuously increase his density because of continuous increase in the density the gravitational force also gets continuously increase and the black hole gets stronger and stronger.

Use of the black hole for time travel

Einstein proves that the time is slow near the high-density object. Hence we can use a black hole for time travel.

But it is not possible to use a black hole for time travel because they are very strong if we go near a black hole then they will suck us. We don't what is inside a black hole we only know what is outside of a black hole.

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Time travel


Is time travel is possible, so the answer is yes, the great scientist Albert Einstein proved this mathematically. 

Their are two ways to time travel.

1: Albert Einstein said that if you travel at the speed of light in space then the time will stop for you and if you travel at the speed which is near speed of light then the time will pass slowly for you as compared to other. This is the way to travel in future in time

2: Albert Einstein also said that another way to time travel, if you stand near a very high high-density substance like black hole then the time will pass slowly for you. This is also way to  travel in future in time.

But it is possible to  travel in past in time, yes it is also possible you can travel in past in time using wormhole. So what is wormhole.

What is wormhole?

The wormhole

You know that nothing is flat or soft in our surrounding if you look closely, you will find holes and wrinkles in it. It is basic physical principle and it even apply to time.

It is easy to show in first 3 dimension but is also true about 4th dimension. There is tiny holes in the time which connect two different time and space. This holes are smaller even than atoms and this holes called wormhole. This are tiny tunnel through space and time, which continuously form and destroy.

We can use wormhole for travel in past in time and to cover long distance in space.

But the problem is that wormholes are to small to travel throutrying So it is not possible to travel through it. But scientist are trying to make it large.

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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Future of medical science

According to a research the average lifespan of human is getting increasing , because of progress in medical science.

4 ways to increase lifespan

Infusing young blood to old            

In an experiment the blood of young mouse is continuously given to a old mouse, In result the old mouse get more healthy the previous , the brain, liver, heart get more healthy then previous and the old mouse live one month more than their average life. But this experiment is not done on the human now.

Nano technology

Some scientist tell that in few years super advanced microscopic nanobots get develop and work like blood cells in blood vessels of human but it works better than blood cells. this nanobots cure all types of diseases and repair damage cells. Using this technology human can increase their lifespan.

Keep on cloning

In today's date the medical science can transplant body organs but during transplantation some time body of the patient does not adopt the organ and the patient die. But if we made the organs using the stem cell of patient in laboratory then the patient will adopt the organ easily and if we continuously transplant the organ when we need then we can live longer.

Digital immortality

This method is science fiction in today's day but it is very easy way to make human immortal. The science is working on a such a method in which we can download or upload the data of the brain and store all the data in a device and upload this data in a robot from this the brain of the human can live in the robot and can experience the world by virtually after death. In this case they can see through the camera, talk through the speaker and hear thrithr the microphone.

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Thursday, January 17, 2019


Artificial intelligence

So what is artificial intelligence, the intelligence demonstrated by machine is called the artificial intelligence.

In Today's days it is most demanding technology.In future most of work is done by this technology.

All big companies like Apple,Google and Microsoft are trying to develop artificial intelligence.

artificial intelligence take decision itself. Human are developin artificial intelligence to make hard things easier.

The AI are of two types
1:- weak AI
2:- strong AI

1: weak AI

So,what is weak AI , the AI which can do only one type of work perfectly is called  weak AI.

2: strong AI

So,wha is strong AI, the AI can do more than one type of work is called strong AI. 
This AI system works like a human being.

When you give him a unfamiliar work, it can do it without the help of you. The level of thing of strong AI is equal to human.

The example of use of artificial intelligence is a self - driving car. It use computer vision and many types of sensors to drive safe and unexpected obstructions.

Sofia the robot which have artificial intelligence

Sofia is the new Discovery in the field of artificial intelligence. It is a robot which have artificial intelligence.

Sofia was created by the Hanson robotics company.

Sofia can show all types of emotion on his face like human. She can read  face of other people

She change colour of her eyes according to light. She can also detect the place where she is present. She can walk and talk like a human.

Saudi Arabia give the citizen certificate to Sofia.

It is tell that in future more advanced robot is created then Sofia.

It is guessed that in future the robot which have artificial intelligence get smarter than human.

They fight with human and a big war is start between human and robot's. They try to destory human species from the earth.

In future the artificial intelligence do all the work of human and make human lazy , because of this human cause several types of diseases.

Conclusion: The artificial intelligence is good for us if we don't completely depends on it.

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Monday, January 14, 2019


                                                                    A flying taxi is such cool concept in the field of technology.so, i am here to give you information about flying taxi.

so,what is a flying taxi. Flying taxi is a small commercial aircraft's which makes short flight on need.

flyingtaxi is the big revolution in the field of Technology.In past days ,the concept of flying taxi is only in thought but today the research was going on the flying taxi and in few years it will become true.

there was many companyes which start to make a flying taxi.            

               flying taxi help us to cover long distance in less time. it also help us to reduce day today traffic on the road.

On 9 January Uber and bell represent his skeleton model of flying taxi which price is 6,000 pound  at CES. they say that the flying taxi startes in 2020 from Dallas to Los Angeles.

 In Dubai a company called volocopter made a flying taxi which fly for 5min, 200m up from the ground  in front of Prince of Dubai. 

The the safety precautions are there is a extra motor, battery and the parachute are also present. 

From this we can understand that we can see flying taxi in few year's.

Friday, January 11, 2019


Xiaomi was launching his new smart phone redmi note 7 with the all latest feature. It is the best budget phone.It has 6.3 inch FHD screen which is made up of Gorilla Glass 5 to protect from scratch and water drop.it has U-shape notch.It has the processor of Snapdragon 660. It also as dual glass lense from back side and front side. It has the battery capacity of 4000 MAH which support quick charge of 4.0. Which full charge the mobile  in 1 hour 45 minutes. It has IP coating which makes the mobile little water resistance.it as 409 pixel density and
1500:1 CR. In back it has dual camera of 48mp+5mp and in front it as 13mp camera .It as 18 month warranty.the price is give below.                         
                                     3gb ram with 32gb internal memory-10,500 and 4gb ram 64gb internal memory-12,500 and 6gb ram 64gb internal memory-14,500.

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

WHY iPhone are too expensive ?

Introduction                                                                             if you are using iPhones from many years then you will notice a Trend.In 2012 the brand new iPhone 5 start from 200 dollar,but today iPhone price is nearly 1000 dollar.so what happen in last few years that makes iPhone 800 dollar more costly let's find. 
                                                                                             LET'S FIND


                     the apple maintain his standard of iPhone his does not see the price.apple is a big brand so it constantly pay money on research and development to make his iPhone and it's features rich.you see that in iPhone10 he introduced a new concept of face unlock, while other company copy this concept,they does not pay for research and development. 
          Customer care           
 You will notice that whenever you call the customer care for the other company they does not attend the call or their answer don't satisfy your questions.

  WHERE APPLE SPEND MONEY                         
the most parts of iPhone comes from other country, hence it affect the price of iPhone.apple also pay lots of money on marketing and advertising.this cause last price of the iPhone more.                                                                                                                                                     QUALITY                                       
when you compared iPhone with other phones you will see that in every case the iPhone is best.apple maintain high quality  of his product hence it is more costly. In last you get quality product if you pay more.                         

Tuesday, January 8, 2019


Motorola was launching his new phone MOTOROLA P40 on 30 January 2019.the phone has 6.2inch FHD screen with IPS LCD display.the phone as dual back camera of 48mp+5mp  and front camera of 20mp which is a punch hole camera. The fingerprint sensor is present on back side. The phone has 4000 MAH long lasting battery with the feature of Turbo charging. The phone has 2.2 gigahertz Octa Core processor chipset with Snapdragon 710. The phone has 6gb RAM with 128 GB internal memory which which can expand upto 256 GB. The expected price is 31,990.                         

Monday, January 7, 2019


Huawei was releasing his new mobile HUAWEI Y9 .It is a perfect mid range phone,with Kirin 710 processor.it as a figure print scanner which unlock the mobile in 0.3sec.it as 6gb ram with 128gb internal memory.it as a 4000mah long lasting battery.it is a perfect mid range phone for a big,FHD screen of 6.5inch.its front dual camera is of 16mp+2mp and back dual camera is of 13mp+2mp.the 2mp camera is for deepth sensing.it as AI 3D lighting featur with  android Oreo 8.1.it release in January end.this is the best mobile for gaming and camera.comment below if have any Questions.

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Samsung upcoming laptop

Samsung was launching his new laptop Samsung Notebook flash with three colour variants 1 twill charcoal ,2 soft Coral,3 linen white .                                                                     the designs is showcase signature with eye catching retro look keyboard.It has distinctive fabric look pattern .                         It also as in fingerprint scanner with Windows hello .                                                    It also has 13.3 full HD wide viewing angle .   It is powered by Intel Processor for optimised performance                                      It as UFS compatible slot and USB type C port . It also has file transfer display device charging.

Saturday, January 5, 2019

Microsoft voice assistant

Microsoft is releasing his new voice assistant. When you are single you talk with your voice assistant but you when you are in public you don't want to talk with your voice assistant because when you talk with it,it will here to all the public. So you simply type. But now you can talk with voice assistant because the Microsoft is launching his new voice assistant which is able to hear the Whisper of your mouth. it can be in the shape of ring, phone or watches. I will show you some photos of it.

Black hole

So what is a  black hole ? , the  black hole  is a highly dense substance which as the very strong gravitational force from which nothing c...